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i regret to join together what this horrible site until now? the people here are rude, hate this place, crazy, because i suck at this site, i have decided to either stay forever this. have to disconnect me from the people and friends for you, i hope you're satisfied with the shit you all miserable pricks. bad experience so far, if this site is full of hatred, which i have not been upset on the website before. People, i'm rude here. are leaving forever. for harsh words, you make me to attempt to on the dose and i are trying to drink a cup of bleach, but now, i myself, since the cut almost every day, probably i die from blood loss. and have almost please have me committed suicide.

neko, i do not know what happened to you, i know you and i suffer for it and angry with me for no reason, you're horrible. if you can read this i want to tell you that i hate you. you are calling me a liar, why you are a selfish person to me, not it fair. i believe i want to kill myself. know the real number of days spent your concerns? you are you. fuck you. fuck your little gang with you the creeps.

lynn also. a speech to you, but you also want to dissolve me, i have never talked to marm. EVER. why do you not understand it? Well to shut the fuck up, you, i think in the back of her demise, so i did not have any. Before she committed suicide, i did not get to talk to her. also, you never told me, she did not tell you that me. i even, Skype is also something i did not know, someone told (NOT MARM) i know it was. while saying so angry right now, because i have been going with sigi probably. he died in assylum anything that probably. oh well lol. stupid, i, did not have anything to do with the fake suicide of neko and actual suicide in marm. fuck fuck, fuck you in every bone of your fucking body, however. so you will be able to stick their rights you stupid woman your ass. Like paste it in the ass, pathetic bitch motherfucker. i can find and you shank your guts out of your chest, asshole. you lame Lame go to kill yourself, you chunk worthless shit, you are useless as fuck give up on life. go slitting your wrists to talk shit even if you have to eat shit, and it is not cool at all. pig YOU. you are customers of filth, and you are a bag worthless. id rather kiss a laywer than see you. you're WALKING VOMIT. you, ARE a little worm slinging nothing. you ARE the ass weasel.. Your life is a monument of stupid. big stink, disgust, overflowing toilets, and sour lemon. i will never get over the embarrassment of belonging to the same species as you. you're a monster, OGRE, DEFORMED YOU ARE. the very thought of you, i puke. have all the charm of a paper cut. are worthless VILE, less than nothing. weed residue, mold, stench of this earth. squeaking RAT. you were not born. you were hatched into the world unwilling, instead of having crawled out from NORMAL EGG, maggot mutant eggs, it was rejected by an evil scientist as being below the standard of HIS LOW. go eat shit and die.

now goodbye all. i leave


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